About Us

Meavita Ventures has been in the business of Technology enablement for the past 10 Years. It has been our endeavour to bring in efficiency, automation & sustainability in business & processes with the help of Technology.

Our team has over 50 years of extensive corporate experience in various domains including Sales, Finance, Operations, HR & Support. We also have 20 years of startup experience in building efficient solutions and taking the journey of creation, POC to scalable implementation.

We have successfully built a school management and admissions platform which was acquired by Nopaperforms Ltd. More details about our previous products are at these links: https://intellischools.org/ and https://intelliadmissions.org/

We also help individuals and teams discover their true potential and achieve their goals. We help them with business and resource planning keeping razor-like focus on goals and de-risking.

We will help you ideate, plan and build your business, accelerate growth and ensure sustainability.